Attestation Services

Gerson Preston offers Attestation Services that give assurance to client stakeholders that are not in need of a full, comprehensive financial audit. Our assurance professionals provide services to address specific needs such issuing Review reports, Compilation reports, Agreed-upon Procedures reports, and other specialized reporting.


When a full audit is not required by a client’s regulatory obligations, information obtained from Review and Compilation Reports offers a sufficient financial overview of the client’s business operations. Gerson Preston’s preparation of a Review Report provides an in-depth analysis that can make a company’s financial statements the foundation upon which it can make informed decisions, whereas a Compilation Report presents the client’s financial information in the form of useful and structured financial statements.

Our review and compilation services also include:

  •  Performing inquiry and analytical procedures to determine any additional adjustments that may be required.
  • Designing a review program with specific procedures tailored to the individual needs of a business.
  •  Coordinating all accounting efforts with the management and internal accounting staff of the business.


At times, a client and/or its stakeholder needs to obtain assurance over a specific area of the business or targeted section of its financial operations. Gerson Preston provides reports for agreed-upon procedures and other specialized reporting to address and meet stakeholder or regulatory requirements.