Transfer Pricing

With the ever-increasing expansion of the global economy, multi-national companies are currently inundated with having to comply with a long list of complex rules and regulations. One such issue is the area of Transfer Pricing. Due to the nature of cross-border business and trade, many organizations utilize intercompany pricing when conducting sales and transfer transactions between related entities. Tax authorities world-wide have targeted this business issue and have increased enforcement as a means to ensure tax revenue is not compromised. With substantial financial penalties associated to non-compliance, organizations with operations in multiple countries must ensure that their transfer pricing arrangements meet the complex requirements of the tax authorities.

Gerson Preston’s Transfer Pricing advisors possess the necessary expertise to help your organization conduct its transfer pricing strategy accordingly. The crucial, value-added transfer pricing services that our firm provides include the following:

  • Planning and analysis
  • Policy and structure development
  • Documentation of policies and practices to ensure compliance
  • Implementation of compliance procedures
  • Dispute resolution