Information Technology Consulting

In Information Technology, the only constant is change. As one technology is introduced, a new and improved one will undoubtedly be right around the corner. When this is combined with constantly evolving business needs, businesses need to be adaptive from an IT perspective in order to ensure systems and platforms are supporting and driving the organization optimally.

Gerson Preston assists businesses in developing information technology that provides solutions to specific business needs. Our capabilities focus on proper selection and integration of accounting and specialized application software and hardware, and on implementing local area networks.

The first task of system planning and analysis is evaluating your company’s business procedures and problems. We begin by talking with managers and specialists to determine the precise nature of the problem to break it down into its component parts. This may involve interviews with staff to specifically identify what information is being processed, where it comes from, and where it goes. In addition to the interview method of data collection, our professionals also conduct written surveys and observe the tasks performed by personnel.

Our experienced team provides guidance and expertise in the latest technological options and solutions in such areas as:

  • Selection of Computer Hardware and Software
  • System Implementation
  • System Conversions
  • Staff Training
  • Software and Hardware Upgrades
  • Integrated Business and Accounting Systems
  • IT Governance and Oversight
  • Strategy
  • Fraud Control