Wealth Planning & Family Consultation

Taking care of your financial future is an important aspect of securing long term peace of mind. To help you attain this goal, Gerson Preston has a wealth of experience in estate, fiduciary, and succession planning as well as family consultation services.

We take a comprehensive approach to Wealth Planning. Our professionals work closely with your attorney and advisors with the objectives to:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to minimize estate taxes
  • Preserve your assets and transfer wealth
  • Financial modeling of alternative strategies
  • Develop a business succession plan

Our trust and estate planning services include the preparation of appraisals and valuations for gift tax purposes, charitable and philanthropic planning, generation skipping tax planning and retirement planning. In the event of a death in the family, we will assist with the estate and administration, compile the inventory of the estate, and prepare all required estate and fiduciary income tax forms. We will also represent the estate during the federal and state examination period.

Our Family Consultation Services have proven to be a valuable resource to many of our high net worth clients by advising on the various roles that family members can play in retaining family net worth. Our expert advice includes:

  • Structuring of entities and administration
  • Succession planning
  • Transfer of ownership and gifting strategies
  • Appointment of children and other descendants to key positions
  • Wills and agreements
  • Compensation and distribution matters
  • Family loans
  • Tax impact of decisions made