Litigation Support Services

Litigation service providers regularly require the expertise of experienced accounting professionals as it relates to specific financial aspects of legal cases. Gerson Preston has extensive experience and an outstanding track record in representing clients including individuals, businesses, banks, insurance companies and governmental agencies on litigation matters.

Attorneys rely on the firm’s business damage estimates and expert testimony to successfully represent their clients in litigation. In the extensive number of cases we have been a part of, our professionals have helped attorneys gather, interpret, and present information that gave them the winning edge.

Gerson Preston has also been a trusted advisor through the investigative analysis of our forensic accounting practice. As a way to investigate and detect fraud, forensic accounting uses the firm’s advanced business, technical, and computer skills to organize and analyze significant amounts of data in a highly developmental and innovative structure in preparation for expert testimony.

Gerson Preston’s Litigation Support Services include the following:

  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Assisting Attorneys in the Discovery Process
  • Preparation of Draft Deposition Questions
  • Critical Analysis of Opposition’s Valuation Report
  • Economic Damage Computations
  • Financial Fraud Investigation